Of all European countries, Italy is the one to which travelers return time and time again, their love affair blossoming with each trip. Discovering Italy can be a pleasant and unforgettable experience, each corner of this beautiful country will take youVenice back in time to ancient times and you will recognize its great development over the years. From the Alps in the North, through the prosperous and fertile heartland to the beauty of the south, Italy is blessed with some of the world's most beautiful landscapes. The northern half features Tuscany's classic olive, vine and cypress studded rolling countryside; the dramatic peaks of the Dolomite's pine clad white cliffs with the turquoise seas.

Italy offers unbeatable tourist destinations such as: Florence where you will find David, the most famous statue of Michelangelo, and other important artworks recognized worldwide. My favorite was the bronze cast door at the Baptistery. The detail in Lorenzo Ghiberti's work is unbelievable!  Rome, the capital city full of life with its ancient, medieval city where lies the Forum and the Colosseum the world's largest surviving structure from the Roman antiquity. Here you will find Vatican City and if you are lucky maybe even a glimpse of the pope. As they say, "Rome wasn't built in a day" and neither can you experience it in a day. Give yourself sometime to enjoy it and take in, all it has to offer. You won't be sorry! Venice, the romantic city built under water, with all of it's canals and alley ways a wonderful place to get lost in. No matter how many pictures or films you have seen, nothing can prepare you for the real Venice (Venezia), one of the world's most captivating cities. The shiny black gondola is they symbol of Venice that is propelled by a single oarsman, the gondolier who stands in the back of the back of the boat. A ride in a gondola is a great Venetian experience for many visitors, but they are expensive and normally follow a set route.  Verona, an imposing city setting of the drama "Romeo and Juliet", and Milan, the most fashionable city in Italy.

Italy truly has something for everyone, whether the visitor is seeking great cities, tiny villages, idyllic countryside or beautiful beaches. 

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