If you are coming to Ireland expecting leprechauns round the corner and a wise old countryman gossiping over ever gate, you're in for quite  a surprise. Ireland has moved a long way from the stIreland Pubereotypes in the past few years. When I visited Ireland last year I was pleasantly surprised on the landscape, the beauty that we saw as we passed by the green rolling hills and rain-softened landscapes of the island. Every turn around the Wicklow Mountains on our way to Waterford took my breath away. After a stop at Waterford to look at some wonderful Waterford Crystal we were onto our next adventure of Kilkenny to visit the Kilkenny Castle a 12th century Fortress. More ruins of yet another Castle that we visited from here was Rock of Cashel. It was beautifully perched on a high rock walled cluster of rocks. Powerful Kings ruled for nearly 1000 years from here.

On another journey on our 3rd day we stopped at Cork city. A big attraction here is the Blarney Castle a notably rugged and romantic looking 15th century tower on beautiful grounds full of pleasing grottoes and large rocks half hidden in greenery. The most intriguing thing the visitors want  to do is--Kiss the Blarney Stone. The legend "anyone who can kiss the stone will have the "gift of eloquence magically bestowed on them." The ravens flying around the castle as you passed the dark dungeons did it for me.  My husband made it all the way up the 100's of steps, hung upside down and over to kiss the rock, he says for me!

Ireland is beautiful full of Castles at every turn. The Ring of Kerry with its coastal views, Dingle Peninsula with its unspoiled countryside and the Cliffs of Moher truly makes this a remarkable magical place to visit.


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