Creating Family Memories with your Grandchildren

More vigorous in their 50's, 60s and 70s than any generation before, many of today's grandparents want to vacation with their grandchildren. Sometimes this is the only way grandparents get the opportunity to enjoy amazing times with their grandchildren as you discover the world and memories children will remember forever.

Before you start planning your vacation, here are some important details to help make your trip run more smoothly and help ensure a truly "grand" time traveling with your grandchildren.

What You Will Need                        

A notarized letter from the absent parent/parents giving permission for you to travel with the child. The letter must include the absent parents' address, phone number and authorization to travel, as well as the destination and the length of stay. This should be carried with you at all times.

Copies of the grandchildren's medical and dental insurance cards as well as prescriptions they may be taking.

If traveling out of the country the children will need a passport. You can check with the U.S Department of State's website for specific information.

When planning a vacation whether it is at a National Park, Disney or out of the country, do include the children in the planning stages. Show them pictures of where you are going, pictures of the resort, cruise ship, restaurants and children's clubs to make their adventure as exciting as possible. Below are some ideas that grandparents and children have experienced and loved. There are so many great adventures to add to this list!

Renting a Condo in Hawaii

For quality time with your grandchildren, a rented condo on the beach can be ideal, since they provide all the amenities you usually have at home, and more. You can cook some of your own meals and enjoy breakfast on the balcony by the ocean. You can swim, snorkel or rent a boogie-board.  On the Big Island you can also go experience a live active volcano.  Just spending good, quality time together is what it is all about.


Disney, Royal Carnival Cruise Lines and several other cruise lines specialize in child-friendly sailings. These are floating palaces, with organized meals, activities and informal kid-friendly dining options. Children 5 years and older are sure to love one of these experiences. Disney Cruises feature animation classes, live productions of Disney favorites, like Aladdin, and family karaoke. Plus most cruises have excellent day programs for children and teens.

All-Inclusive Resorts

The least work-intensive destination for a vacation with grand-kids is an all-inclusive located throughout Mexico and the Caribbean. Meals are provided and there are excellent programs to keep little ones and teens to keep them busy. At these types of family-friendly resorts meals, drinks and activities are included.

Whatever vacation you choose with your grandchildren make it Magical and bring their imagination to a real life adventure!

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