Is It Safe to Travel to Mexico-- New Travel Warning

Posted by: Joy Ross-Travel Journeys on Saturday, August 26, 2017 at 11:00:00 am

I am sure most of you have listened or read headlines on Travel to Mexico in the past weeks and many of you are asking yourself, “Is it safe to travel to Mexico”?

This week an updated travel warning was issued by our State Department for Mexico. I have been receiving numerous phone calls on what my clients interpreted by this statement. This travel warning has been ongoing for years for several parts of Mexico (as well as other countries in the world). It does not say to “stay away but be aware” of the situations that have happened in Mexico. No country, state or city is totally safe when you have a person out their shooting anyone in their path with a semi-automatic weapon.


It is important to note that Cancun is a very large state. The Quintana Roo area is ranked #14 in size out of the 196 countries in the world. Cancun has approximately 722,000 living there with about with another 10 million tourists per year. That is more in population than Chicago, Washington D.C. or most other large cities in our country. I just recently looked at a crime comparison between U.S. and Mexico cities or even some towns and cities in the U.S. I was surprised at what I noticed. I feel all of us need to make an educated decision based on the real statistics. Please note that crime comparison may not contain all the correct numbers but it is a great too for more perspective. 

As a Mexico Travel Specialist and a frequent traveler myself to Mexico, I feel it is my obligation to inform you the best I can of a situation. I book many Mexico vacation packages for families and couples seeking a wonderful beach vacation.

All travelers, no matter what country you may visit should always be careful of your surroundings and use good judgement to ensure your safety. Always remember to travel wisely, even in your own backyard!

I highly recommend that all travelers purchase Travel Protection to protect your investment, yourself and traveling companions, especially to an international destination. If you become ill or injured and require medical treatment or evacuation, in most situations you are covered.


To maximize your own personal safety no matter where your travels may take you in our world always:


Consume alcohol in moderation. Remember, the tropical heat can cause you to get sick while drinking. Don't drink on an empty stomach.

Please seek medical help immediately if you do not feel well after consuming a drink.

Watch your drink at all times. Do not leave it unattended. This applies no matter where you are.

Stay in well-known tourist areas. Do not go out alone especially at night.

Know the laws of the country you are traveling to. Did you know many of the Caribbean islands do not allow camouflage?

Leave an extra itinerary with a family member or friend back home along with a copy of your passport.

Make sure your cell phone is set up for roaming on 3G/4G networks before you leave home.

Do not wear expensive jewelry, show large amounts of money.

Do not pack anything of value in your luggage.

With your flights travel only during the day, if possible.

If renting a car, stick only to the main highways and do not venture off onto the side roads. Travel only during daylight hours.

As reported yesterday by a Conde Nast Traveler article on the advisory updates provided by the State Department.



I would love to hear from you about your experience while visiting Mexico in recent years. Please leave a comment below and let’s continue an open and honest conversation.   

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