Tips For Planning Your Perfect Honeymoon

Posted by: Joy Ross-Travel Journeys on Thursday, July 27, 2017 at 3:00:00 pm

Today, most couples are so involved in making plans for their wedding that they put off making their honeymoon arrangements until the last minute. Your marriage starts when you leave your reception and start your happily ever after. Your honeymoon should be the foundation that starts the beginning of your marriage so you should make it a very special one! This is not something you want to book in your spare time on some impersonal online booking engine that has no clue who you are. You NEED to seek the advice and guidance of a travel professional who specializes in honeymoons. Most Travel Professionals have specialty niches where they are experts in different locations of the world and or specialties as Romance Travel or Family Specialist. Some may only do Disney or Mexico Vacations so it is very important to go after the specialty you are looking for since that is where their expertise lies.


So many times couples decide on a particular destination because that is where all of their friends traveled to. This does not mean this is the right destination or resort for you. Every destination is different, every resort has its own personality and YOU as a couple have your own unique personality. The two of you will want to make sure that you agree completely on the right destination and resort that is perfect for your honeymoon. As a travel specialist I will help in managing the realistic expectations and by getting to know you by asking the right questions I will be able to guide you in the perfect direction.


You will need to know “realistically” your budget which will help in planning the perfect destination and resort for you. I have had quite a few clients say to me that their dream honeymoon was to go to Tahiti but did not have the $10,000 budget to get them there. By sitting down and realistically discussing their budget, they realized St. Lucia was just as beautiful and closely resembled Tahiti but, at a more realistic budget that they could afford.

You should try and plan your honeymoon 9-12 months in advance to your wedding date. This will not only give you the best availability to your dream destination, best pricing and also ample time if you need, to still get a passport. It can take up to 3-6 months now to obtain a passport especially during a busy season time. This can also give you some time to make an extra couple of payments if need be to help pay off your honeymoon even faster.

THE INTERNET IS FOR LOOKING - A TRAVEL SPECIALIST IS FOR BOOKING especially, something as important as your honeymoon. Do look online for your research and even create a few Pinterest boards of your Dream Honeymoon Vacation but don’t entrust something as important as your honeymoon to the internet. You want an expert that has been to the destination you have chosen, has seen the properties or cruise ships or even has taken advanced classes or seminars to become an expert in helping you plan the most important vacation of your life! You want someone to help guide you every step of the way!


Just like the wedding vision you have, there is a vision for the honeymoon. I know the resorts that deliver the romantic experiences that you’re searching for, and I can suggest those little “extras” that can make your honeymoon even more memorable. Return from dinner to a Jacuzzi tub filled with rose petals and champagne on ice. Have breakfast in bed or a candlelight dinner on the beach with your own private server. Even a couple’s massage can be very exciting! These are the moments you’ll treasure forever!


Planning your honeymoon, can seem overwhelming when you have so many other things to do.  I take pride in listening to each of your needs and developing a travel package that is as unique and special as you are. Let me put my expertise to work for you and create a great honeymoon experience so that all you need to do is arrive, relax and enJOY! Give Joy a call at 303-663-0238 | visit online at or mailto:



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