Tips for Planning a Romantic Destination Proposal

Posted by: Joy Ross-Travel Journeys on Wednesday, August 31, 2016 at 1:00:00 pm

Destination Proposal

One of most romantic ways to become engaged is, a destination proposal. There is something so special about being away together, alone in your little corner of the world. It can be in a hotel a couple hours away a vacation on a cruise or riding a Gondola in Venice. Just the nature of being on vacation makes even the simplest proposal so very special and one that will be treasured forever.

There are two types of destination proposals.

The first is when she knows you're going on vacation; she might even helped plan it, but she doesn't know that you're packing a ring.

The other is a complete surprise. You planned a weekend in the mountains or a week in the Caribbean, Mexico or even Europe, and she's completely in the dark. It may sound scary but with the help of a travel consultant all you need to do is tell us what you are planning.

Whether you envision a romantic beach proposal at sunset or see yourself popping the question with a freshly laid out rose petal pathway, it should be well thought out and a stress-free proposal. Make sure you find a travel specialist that specializes in destination proposals and let them know your visions of what you have in mind and rest assured knowing that your dream proposal will go off without a hitch.


If you planned the Vacation Together...

Research before you depart. Plan your vacation several months in advance with your travel consultant for the best pricing. If you know you are proposing at this point be sure you confide in your agent up front (secretly) since they will know which resorts have the best packages for proposals. Some resorts even offer this FREE. By doing some research in advance and knowing both of your desires on vacationing you will know what will be the perfect location (or an idea). If you decide later that you are going to pop the question, let your agent know to have this added to your package. Many of the resorts have proposal packages that can be added on by the concierge of the hotel. Think about how you see yourself proposing. You could have rose petals leading from the bed to the bath and champagne waiting. Do you want to be in a helicopter looking on a beach that says, "Will you marry me?"  Do you want to be in a Hot Air Balloon or something else exotic like scuba diving? Maybe something simple like a quiet romantic dinner on the beach at sunset. This is something that is unique to just the two of you. 


Safe way to pack the ring properly. If you're not flying, keep the ring secured in an inside coat pocket or locked in the glove compartment of your car. If you'll be boarding a plane, pack the ring in your carry-on luggage to prevent the TSA from spoiling the surprise--don't carry it on your body, since you may then have to remove it when you walk through security, and don't put it in your checked luggage. Your carry-on should be loosely filled with non-suspicious items. Think sweaters and a paperback book; not toiletries or electronics that might trigger the screeners. Rather than the normal ring box that a jeweler gives you ask for a soft case -- if you do get called for a closer check and the TSA person starts tossing your stuff it can't fall out. Just pin it inside a jacket or shirt. 

Don't forget to capture the moment. The pictures or video of this special moment are so important so make sure you have someone to be in the background to take some pictures. It can be your waiter in a restaurant. This can be used as a special moment at your wedding. Did you know that at Sandals Resorts this is included FREE in their package that you can get with the Proposal Package? Be sure and ask me about this. 

If She Doesn't Know About the Vacation... 

Choose the perfect destination. Think about the time of year, the weather and the location that is perfect for the both of you. Again, choose a travel consultant that specializes in planning destinations proposals that can help simplify this process with some ideas and a plan the perfect getaway. Even one night at a deluxe hotel in a different city will capture the same excitement. It’s important to take your girlfriend's personality into account. If she's an outdoorsy type, an Alaska Cruise might be the perfect thing with a dog sled run (think out of the box). For a traditional romantic, a classic setting like a Caribbean/Mexican beach or a balcony from a cruise ship from under the stars is probably more her style.



Make sure to let your parent’s know what your intentions are before you leave. It is always good to have their support.

If you plan on surprising the person make sure you clear the vacation with their work before choosing the dates.

If she hasn't found out yet, I would let her know a few days prior to the vacation that you are going somewhere and the type of vacation you have planned. Is it tropical, cooler weather so they she pack warmer clothes and a jacket. If it is a cruise do they need dressier clothes and same with an All-Inclusive, some restaurants you need some dressier attire. I can help you with this as far as what to pack once the vacation is planned out.

This is very important! Do make sure passports are validated for at 6 months past the return date of your vacation. Check this early. If not you will need new passports.

Whatever you decide to do, this needs to be unique and fun, your style to the both of you. You can write a poem or speak from your heart. You are the one who needs to make it special to you. This is your special moment that years from now you will look back at your first chapter of your life together as becoming an engaged couple.

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